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Business Process Management

Enhance, Improve, Save

Government agencies face many of the same challenges as modern business - how to increase collaboration, improve efficiency, and ensure operational security. The process must be visible to audit, and perform up to the highest standards. Business Process Reengineering (BPR) provides the opportunity to unite goals and create a common framework.

Z2 Technologies Mission:

Improving Performance Across a Broad Range of Activities:  We have a team of professionals and experts who have worked on a variety of consultative programs, giving the team a unique and deep perspective. The BPR team has taken an extensive look at various organizations and conducted numerous interviews with federal, state and local staff to develop our Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) approach.

Z2 Technologies Products:

Warfighter Information & Support Exchange
The Warfighter Information & Support Exchange enables any organization to streamline and automate its unique set of business processes. The web application consists of a suite of tools proven to be effective to DoD organizations for digitizing and managing their respective business operations. Z2 specializes in customizing existing site functions and tools to accommodate any organization's specific requirements, as well as designs and implements new tools for processes that have yet to be automated. Currently, there are multiple Army organizations running instances of the WISE application. Contact us for statistics on the successes of these sites.

See W.I.S.E in action at wise.z2tech.com

Business Process Reengineering Consultants use an eight phase process with each customer:

Phase 1: Information Gathering of Current Business State
Phase 2: Architecture and Alignment Strategies
Phase 3: Development of Vision
Phase 4: Current State Understanding
Phase 5: Future State Design
Phase 6: Change Management Plan
Phase 7: Change Management Plan Implementation
Phase 8: Continuing Improvement
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