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Computer Based Training

Computer Based Training (CBT), is based on the Army System Approach to Training (ASAT) methodology, Instructional Systems Design (ISD) / Systems Approach to Training (SAT), and the DoD-wide initiative Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL). ADL was established to use learning and information technologies to modernize the education and training strategies of the military.  This is accomplished through the development of a common technical framework for computer and Web-based learning.

Z2 Computer Based Training Products Include:

CBT Assistant

The CBT Assistant is an animated character that interacts with the trainee throughout the CBT, offering suggestions, encouragement, and entertainment.  The CBT Assistant's personality is customized to be compatible with the target audience's demographics.

Hands-On Simulation

The CBT will be highly interactive, focusing attention on learner activities rather than information content alone. Wherever possible, simulation is utilized to more realistically portray real world scenarios.

Open Architecture

Form and functionality are seamlessly integrated from the user's perspective, but are actually kept distinct in development. This approach allows for easier modification of either the content or the delivery mechanism. The development tools that we use are strictly COTS.  Our CBT authoring environment is ODBC compliant as well as exportable to the Web.

Modular Design / Use of Templates

Most courseware incurs update costs directly related to system changes. To minimize development time, for simple updates as well as significant modifications, the CBT is broken down into freestanding, reusable modules that are more easily updated and maintained. Templates are used throughout the CBT to provide consistent look and feel, as well as to allow for universal cosmetic and functional changes.

Auto-Integration with CBT Management Web site

Web-based management system automatically keeps track of each trainee's performance scores, completion dates, sustainment training schedule and time-to-completion scores for each lesson.

Web-based CBT Management / Reporting System

The CBT Management Web site provides much more than just a record of trainee information and scores.  The management Web site provides Problem Reporting, Software Ordering and Downloading capability, Document Management, a FAQ searchable database and on-line access to Subject Matter Experts.

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